The Vibrosaun Sauna capsule simulates the effect of exercise while you are relaxing in a reclining position.  The therapeutic dry sauna massage therapy consists of a padded vibrating bed, and dry heat which circulates through the unit over and under the bed. Whilst cold air keeps your head and face cool, the rest of the body is inside the machine.



By combining the heat and vibration together in your Sauna Massage session, you increase your blood flow and oxygen.  The body cells use oxygen to burn up carbohydrates such as starch, etc. and accelerates the kidney function in the removal of lactic acid and body wastes.  Your circulation increases, fluid retention is relieved, blood pressure is lowered, muscle aches and back pain melt away, greatly relieving tension and stress, you will be left rejuvenated and on your way to total well-being.


As well as providing drug free relief from back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and more, as the massage therapy capsule moves your muscles it contributes in a minor way to the burning up of calories.  As dry heat is introduced to your sauna massage, the body temperature increases and this dilates the blood vessels and increases circulation, raises your intake of oxygen and of course increases the heart and pulse rate. The body then receives signals from the brain to release stored up energy, exactly the same way as it does when the circulation is increased with physical exercise. The Vibrosaun Sauna Massage Therapy capsule has proven to be a very effective method in assisting with weight reduction, and the sauna massage capsule may be programmed to simulate the effects of a stimulating jog without the harmful side effects to your joints.


The Vibrosaun Sauna Massage Therapy capsule generates a relaxing vibration and when combined with the heat this not only relaxes muscles, but because the user is in a recumbent position the vertebrae are separated allowing the dilated blood to flow unobstructed throughout the spinal column as the blood nurtures every tissue in the body.

Fibromyalgia, and sciatica pain is reduced and sports injuries heal faster, as increased blood flow helps your body to heal quickly.

It is our belief that when pain is registered in the back, the brain sends a message to the appropriate muscles to contract, restricting the blood flow and putting pressure on the nervous system. The more the muscles contract, the more other muscles contract in sympathy resulting in increased back pain.

Therefore, the relaxing of the muscles and increased circulation, combined with the heat, relaxed state of mind, negative ion charged air, the soothing music and aromatherapy leads to relief and an accelerated healing result.


Because the heat dilates the blood vessels and increases circulation, the kidney function is improved thereby filtering out toxins, including lactic and uric acid.  Lactic and uric acid can build up in the joints causing arthritis and people using the Vibrosaun Sauna Massage Therapy capsule regularly have reported complete relief from pain that accompanies arthritis.

Don’t put up with back pain or discomfort any longer – contact our Crib Point therapy and book in your Vibrosaun Sauna Massage Therapy session today!

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This makes you feel so much better from within and it shows on the outside, relaxing, wiggles and breaks up your cellulite, dry sauna helps push out bad toxins! Invigorates under your skin and makes you feel a little bit more alive! Highly recommend i love it!!!